"Kerry, I have been doing everything you told me to! It's helping so much. It is insane how few and short my panic attacks are getting. I can even stop them before they happen more often then not. Thank you so much for these amazing tools!"     - Abby P., Student

"I came to Kerry after a romantic relationship came to a bitter end. She introduced me to EFT and it's been a game changer. Within 2 sessions, I healed many holes in my heart through tapping on childhood traumas. She taught me that it was okay to just FEEL the emotions (e.g. anger, grief, sadness, etc.) and love myself despite everything I was going through. She has been super supportive and accessible during this whole process. I would highly recommend her to everyone."           - Helena L., Financial Consultant

"Kerry was intuitive, positive and supportive.  I really appreciated her direct approach and cheerfulness.  Thank you, Kerry! "       

                                                                       - Nora N., Small Business Owner