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Tapping Down Holiday Loneliness

The holiday season can be a very stressful time for lots of people. I sort of see there being 3 areas of increased stress during the holidays: work/school, home & family and physical stress. Today I'm looking at some of the home & family stress, specifically I'm focusing in on loneliness and loss. At this time of year we see SO many images of happy families and happy gatherings. What if that is not our reality? For many of us, we have relationships that are not as smooth and loving as we see in holiday advertisements. For this reason (and many others) the holidays can be a stressful and lonely time. I've put together a tap-a-long video to help address and tap down some of these feelings. Please give it a try. This issue may be bigger than you can handle on your own. If that is the case I would love to have a conversation with you, and help you out of pain and into peace. Please contact me.

In order to get support managing your stress, please opt in to my FREE Facebook group here:

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