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Holiday Eating (and Overeating)

Our relationship to food can be very complicated. We learn about HOW to relate to food from our parents and caregivers when we are very young. There can be a lot positive emotions linked to food (thus the popular notion of comfort food), but there can also be a lot of negative emotions as well. As we learn about food from the adults in our lives, we also inherit our their learned views/emotions/relationship to food. So it can be quite complicated. This tapping video is to help with food during the holiday season. I created it on Thanksgiving Sunday, but it is applicable to all big holiday meals/gatherings. You will find that it is very personal, dealing very specifically with my relationship to food. The good thing about EFT is the more specific we are with an issue, the more effectively we can clear it. So that is good for me. What about if you tap along to my story? Well, it will still help and begin to heal your food relationship. Tapping to my story is one step removed, so it will be more gentle, and that is a good thing. It may also bring to your conscious brain clarity on the aspects of your food relationship that have to be healed, which you can then work on subsequently at your own pace. Please keep in mind that food relationships can have a lot of layers and depth. You may find that you can only heal so much on your own. If you would like further help and assistance PLEASE contact me for a complementary consultation call. I would really like to help you:

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