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Tapping for Parent Teacher Interview Day

I had my Parent Teacher Interview day this week. It usually goes very well, but I find the day terribly long and draining. It's one of the longest days, if not THE longest day of the semester. This year I decided to tap on it. Mainly because I had about 3 other directions I had to go in that day, and I had to make all of the pieces fit together, AND I knew my day would be 14+ hours long. So in this tapping I address all of my stressors along with the most common stressors associated with Parent Teacher Interviews. I have to say that my interviews went VERY well, my energy lasted well during the day AND when I lost about 45 minutes of time that I couldn't really afford to lose, I kept my cool. I'd say that made it a super successful day. And today, the day after, my energy level was pretty darn good. So if YOUR parent teacher interviews are coming up, try tapping along with me, either the night before or the morning of your interview and see if it helps you have a better, more energized day. You will notice near the end of the video I start talking about my need to get things perfect or right, and I end up laughing about this side of me. Let me just say that I have done a TON of tapping in order to be able to get to the point where I can laugh at this part of myself. For a long time being so bound by my perfectionism would have made me cry. So if you suffer the way I used to. Try tapping, KEEP tapping and before you know it, you'll be able to laugh, too!

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