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Getting My Balance Back!

There are so many ways that I love to use EFT/tapping. This story has two. And it's a followup story to one I posted on Facebook a year ago. Each year, the second last week the of summer, my family and I head north to our "cottage" which is actually a lovely down-to-earth resort in the Huntsville area. In fact, it's so beloved that the same families come to this place every year on their week. We have been meeting up with these same families now for the past 12 or so years.

This resort is also where I learned to water ski. And the second last week of the summer is the is the only time in the year that I get to do that. So I made it my mission to learn fast and after a few summers I was able to "drop a ski" and do some slaloming on just one ski. A few years ago I had knee surgery and since then I had been unable to drop a ski. Last year I used EFT to re-find my balance (I knew the memory HAD to be somewhere in my body) and after a few tapping sessions on the beach I was successful! I was back on one ski. Yay!

This year, I had to find my balance ... AGAIN. So I started tapping again ... tap, tap, tap! First day, not successful. Next was day too windy for dropping a ski, but I had a great long ski around the entire bay which really helped me get my legs back. Following day - I was SOOOOO close, then a really bad tumble (which ended in a badly bruised knee cap) almost thwarted my efforts. But I was tapping through all of this (even in the water as my knee was throbbing) and decided in that moment to try for one more go. I figured my knee was VERY SORE and I may be too stiff the following day to try again. So up I got ... tap, tap, tap - yes I can tap and hold the tow line at the same time! Thank goodness for finger points!

This time I WAS successful. I did a full turn around the bay. Fantastic! Afterward my knee was in a lot of pain and clicking funny, I couldn't put full weight on it. And there was a bump the size of a marble right on the knee cap. That night I tap, tap, tapped on the pain, the swelling, the injustice of FINALLY getting my balance back and not being able to capitalize on it the next day, the final ski day during our week. Anger, frustration and pain. I ended with opening to my knee healing itself, reducing swelling and pain while I slept. I woke up the next day ... the knee was very sore, not good. I figured no more waterskiing for me. :( I took a Tylenol, something I have not done in ages, and I tapped some more. By the afternoon (no additional Tylenol), my knee was tender, but I could bend and put weight on it. I decided to go for skiing one more time and to drop a ski again to see if I could STILL find the balance in my body.

I tumbled one more time (gently, and it was different this time because I was now beginning to feel the balance.) Second try I was up and going. All the way around the bay. WooHoo!!

That night I tap tap tapped again on my swollen knee. The NEXT day I woke up, vastly reduced swelling. Only slight pain, full weight bearing and range of motion. No Tylenol needed. Yay tapping!!

waterskiing on one ski

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