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Emotional Freedom Moment

I have a tiny parking pad at the front of my house. I'm not sure why but it seems to get blocked on a regular basis, i.e., I can't get in or out. My next door neighbour is currently doing extensive renovations, so the occurrences of blocking have increased. This morning I found yet another service truck blocking my car in. I have tapped on this before, at the inconvenience, at the frustration, at the "How could they?" and the "Why me??" of it all.

The last time this happened I had a breakthrough. I suddenly realized that these people blocking my drive way are not necessarily selfish and inconsiderate. They are most often quite aware of what they are doing, and are actually watching for me, in case I need to get out.

So what are the gifts in all of this? My gift to the service people is that I come out with a big smile on my face, gesturing that I'm ready to get my car out. The gift to me - they move immediately, they smile back, they wave their appreciation at my understanding and I get to have a positive experience with a kind stranger.

service truck

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