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Kerry has been a teacher with the Toronto District School board for more than 15 years. She has been a mathematics teacher, a learning coach and now works with students who have developmental disabilities. Kerry enjoys her role as teacher and mentor, but finds the school setting challenging on good days and stressful on not-so-good days. For this reason Kerry is passionate about helping teachers, students and parents reduce their stress as they navigate the complex world of our current education system.


Kerry has been focused on wellness in her own life for over a decade, delving into meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, laughter and EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. She decided to take her interest in EFT to the next level by becoming certified, both nationally with Canada's National EFT Training Institute and internationally with AAMET.


Most recently Kerry has trained in an additional Energy Psychology modality: Havening. Having another extremely effective tool in her kit allows Kerry to work safely and creatively with clients. Kerry is also a Certified Yoga Laughter Leader.


Kerry is committed to helping teachers and students decrease, their stress and increase their quality of life, in and out of the classroom.

Kerry Garnier
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